News & Events

Takesian Lab Opened in November 2017! 

Ana Castro and Emma He joined the laboratory after giving a fantastic presention at ARO in San Diego!

An Early Career Award by NIDCD (March 2018) will fund an exciting project on an unexpected long-range projection from auditory cortex.

Vivek Kanumuri, M.D., a resident-physician working with Dan Lee and Chris Brown has joined the team on a collaborative project to understand plasticity in the auditory cortex following brainstem or cochlear implants.

Benjamin Glickman joined as a research technician in June 2018 to help launch the Takesian lab! 

Carolyn Sweeney, Ph.D.  joined as our first postdoctoral fellow in July 2018!

Dongqin Cai, Ph.D.  joined as a postdoctoral fellow, working jointly in the Takesian and Polley labs on an exciting hearing loss study!

Jacob Mclennan, a Harvard undergraduate student, joined our team and received a Harvard College Research Program award to study the neural mechanisms underlying auditory learning.